Nepal is bio diversitically enriched in culture. Sandwiched between the two giant countries  India and China, Nepal carries the portion of both cultures. Home for tourists from around the globe. Being small in its size, Nepal has a world in itself. Multi-religion, multi-language, multi-culture, multi-ethinic are valuable treasures of Nepal.

If you plan to explore Nepal sooner or later. Here are the must go places in Nepal.

Kathmandu: The Capital of Nepal

Kathmandu, the city endeavored in myth.  From having the culture that ages a thousand years back to modern culture. Kathmandu is perfectly balanced between the gap of time.  Holding onto the statue of kings and monuments made by them, Kathmandu regularly attracts thousands of visitors in a month. Inhabitant by Newari people at initial period, Kathmandu still celebrates the newari culture like before. Jatras and festivals will make you shocked if you happen to visit Kathmandu in one of those days. Also, there are many places in Kathmandu that you can visit during your vacation. 

Places to visit in Kathmandu

Among all the places, the popular places around Kathmandu you would like to visit are 

Thamel : The Freak Street

A street embellished for tourists. A day tour in Thamel will give you the whole collection of culture in Nepal.  Decorated with colors and Thankas in the shops, the place is especially for tourist to go eat have fun and watch some beautiful Nepalese piece of art.  A day at Thamel can give you exactly a trailer of Tourists day life in Kathmandu.

Basantapur Durbar Square

Basantapur is famous for its art and architecture from ancient times. Furthermore, basantapur represents the cultural monuments that are insanely important to Nepal.  Any jatras, function or events are done in Basantapur. Additionally,the paths of Basantapur culture is represented beautifully. Watch how the conquerors of this small kingdom lived. Shoots some snaps and along with that learn about ancient Nepal.

Pashupatinath Temple: The holy temple for Hindus

Pashupatinath Temple is widely famous among Hindus overall the world. The temple of Lord Shiva (the king of Gods) is worshipped puerly.  Scattered in 0.6 hectares, there are overall 518 temples and monuments The main pagoda style temple is located on the fortified courtyard. A visit to Pashupatinath temple will brief you about the hindu culture. 

In addition to the above places, Swayambhunath and Boudhnath is  also visited on a large scale by tourists from all over the world. They are sacred temple for people following Buddhism.

Pokhara : The Best Travelling Destination

Pokhara city is considered to be the best travelling destination for people. Situated a bit far from Kathmandu, Pokhara is the gateway for travelling to places that are beautiful than paradise.  In other way, we can even say that Pokhara is the city of Tourists. 

From the view of mountains to paraglide above the a big open lake is the extremely thriller activity. There are countless  things about what we can do in Pokhara. 

Places to visit in Pokhara

If you are short on time and can’t explore all parts of Pokhara. Here’s is what you can do when you are in Pokhara

Fewa Taal : Lake and Paragliding

Fewa Taal also known as Phewa Lake is famous for boating around it. The big Fewa Taal reflects the mighty Mt. Machhapuchhre  on its surfacing. The view from the lakeside is a phenomenon. Also, the popular thing about Fewa Taal is every night is a festival on the lakeside. Enjoy as much as you can, drink as much as you can feel the cool breeze from Mt. Fishtail. 

For the most part, Paragliding is more fun than all.  Gather up the courage to fly in the sky and explore the greenery of Pokhara.  I repeat, the view you will see is going to be the most satisfying view. 

Mahendra Cave (Gufa) and Bat Cave

Have you ever seen how Batman got his name? Yes, similar to that there is also Bat Cave (Chamero Gufa )  which is beautiful as well as horrifying. Accordingly,there is also Mahendra Cave and it’s just amazing to bypass it. 

There are a lot of things to do in Pokhara City. A lot of pubs and clubs to enjoy. In fact, Pokhara is the best place for leisure and entertainment. The other places in Pokhara City are Saragnkot, Stupa, Devi’s Fall and many others. 

Lumbini : Birth place of Lord Buddha

Located at the Rupandehi district of Nepal, Lumbini holds Maya Devi Temple, where queen Maya Devi gave birth to Siddhatra Gautam  also popularly known as Lord Buddha. The temple ages back to 623 B.C when Siddhartha Gautam was born. The pillars of the famous conqueror King Ashoka are still there. An extremely sacred place to Buddhist, thousands of devotees visit Lumbini each month.

Everest Base Camp: The foot of Everest

A once in a lifetime journey. Everest Base Camp attracts thousands and thousands of visitors every year.  The dream to see the world’s highest mountain drives everyone in its path. Everest Base Camp is reached by a trek about 12 days. Explore the Himalayan region and the sherpa community. A journey that you will remember for a lifetime.